Inspire Your Audience and Discover How to Develop More Resilient Leaders
Who Produce More and Won’t Quit!

It’s Time For Something Different

Have you EVER hired a speaker who was personally attacked by a suicide bomber? Imagine what your audience could learn about becoming more resilient leaders and producing desired results during tough times from someone who not only survived such an event, but fought back, overcame it, and succeeded in spite of it.

If you want to hire a speaker who’s message is not just entertaining, but also practical, authentic, and truly meaningful to your audience…

Hire Brian Fleming
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Military Keynote Speaker Inspires Audiences To Overcome

Why Some of the Largest Companies in the World Hire Brian

Brian Fleming will help your people stand firm when everything around them is blowing up. He uses his expertise and life experience to help businesses and organizations develop more committed leaders and grow their bottom line using timeless and proven resilience strategies. He’s written numerous books on human resilience and teaches audiences just like yours how to stand firm and win their own battles in life and business by becoming more resilient leaders.

Who can better teach your audience how to stand firm when everything around them is blowing up than a man who has done it?

Brian Fleming knows what it takes to overcome extreme challenges and get the results you want. He has delivered hundreds of presentations to nearly half-a-million people in live audiences just like yours across 42 US states, in 7 countries, and on 4 continents. Because of his expertise he is a frequently sought after guest of the news media and has been featured on almost every major news network in the world on his topic, including FOX News, CNN, ABC, CBS, CSPAN, ESPN, USA Today, and more. His client list ranges from small businesses and network marketing organizations to trade associations and Fortune 500 companies.

Military Keynote Speaker Inspires Audiences To Overcome
Military Keynote Speaker Inspires Audiences To Overcome
Military Keynote Speaker Inspires Audiences To Overcome
Military Keynote Speaker Inspires Audiences To Overcome

Brian’s Talks:

  • “How to Stand Firm When Everything Around You Is Blowing Up!”
    (Brian’s most popular keynote!):

    In this talk, Brian shares his tragic, yet inspiring war story from Afghanistan and reveals the 3 common habits of the world’s most resilient people and how you and your audience can immediately use them in life & business to overcome personal challengessuccessfully adapt to change, and connect with more people on a deeper level.
  • The Resilient Leader- How to Become the Leader Others Want to Follow:
    Brian will teach your audience combat-proven “Resilience Strategies” based on centuries of warfare that all leaders, in any business, can immediately and practically apply to their organizations in order to gain more respect and loyalty from those under them, while inspiring their subordinates to be more committed and productive everyday.
  • Develop More Resilient, Winning Teams-
    Discover real-life military war tactics to help your team win it’s daily battles. Life and death scenarios are the ultimate test of a team’s ability to endure challenges and win, which is why military units have developed the best teamwork strategies and frameworks in the world- because their lives depend on it!
    In this talk, you’ll discover how to use those same military tactics as they apply to your organization’s daily battles in the marketplace. If you want to innovate, lead, and win, don’t reinvent the wheel. If you want your team to be more productive, simply use time-tested strategies that are already proven to work.
Military Keynote Speaker Inspires Audiences To Overcome

“In the 16 years I’ve led our organization, I’ve NEVER seen any guest speaker get as many applauses during their talk as Brian got. Wow!”
– Meeting Planner,
Huntsville, AL